Secretary's Desk
Secretary Photo

First of all, I want to greet all the viewers a warm welcome. The one and only objective of NPS is to promote and spread the art of photography in all over the Worlds. It must be mentioned that from the very beginning of the journey NPS is going seriously to its goal and we can say proudly that now we have just a few steps to reach our goal. Nothing could be possible without your support and co-operation. We found you in our way to make our dream become true and we expect your presence in future also. We expect that we will get many other photography lovers beside us in coming days. We need your suggestions as well as advices for the betterment of our effort to make photography a different way to express people’s feelings and the socio-economic scenario of our society. All the people who are really interested in photography and all the photography lovers are always invited to join us. We have a dream of working together only for photography. You are requested to visit our website regularly so that you can always get in touch with us and also you can be updated regarding our different events. We are dedicated to serve the society by a different perspective of photography. We need all your best wishes to get success and prosperity ahead.

Thank You!

Pronay Banik
Secretary, NPS